iPhone Programming Summer Camp 2010
Description: If you have ever wanted to develop educational software, but don't know where to get started, this workshop is for you. We will help transform your idea into an iPhone app. Our goal at the end of this workshop is to help you publish your first app on the App Store.

You have invested dearly in Apple products, and now is your chance to get some return on your investment. Whether you will develop paid or free apps, we will show you how to reap the benefits of your hard work.

For high school students, the fast track to get ahead in your application to college is to learn more skills. This workshop will teach you one of most admired skill sets that will impress most people around you.
Date: rolling enrollment
Event type: Weekly online workshop or classroom instructions
Cost: $200, including:
1) access to iPhone developer benefits
2) access to recorded workshop sessions
3) access to proprietary source code
4) access to collection of iPhone graphics
Instructor: John Chang (University of Southern California)
Registration: You can sign up HERE
Requirement: Students must have access to a Macintosh computer
Contact: Please email iwillspeak@gmail.com if you have any question.
Week 1: 2 hours
topic: All about displaying text
in the main view and subviews
UITableView, UITableCell accessory view
UIWebView, navigation controller view
UITextView, UIScrollView
Week 2: 2 hours
topic: All about playing audio
using AVAudioPlayer, AVAudioRecorder
the delegate class
animated UIButton, UISlider
Week 3: 2-3 hours
topic: All about data
data preparation, data randomization,
interactive quiz, 'learning by doing' component
giving audio and/or visual feedback
Week 4: 2 hours
topic: Polishing up your app
background image & view transparency
splash screen & app icon
navigation bar customization
UITableView header customization
Week 5: 1 hour
topic: Publishing your app
building apps for distribution
App Store distribution
Ad Hoc distribution
putting Ads in your apps using AdMob